If you have ever fished a hollow bodied frog, you know that its not a matter of IF you lose your legs, but rather, when. We are here to show you how to replace the legs on a hollow body frog.

Fishing a frog is equal parts addicting to a fault and utterly frustrating. One blow up can lead to a full day of cast after cast after cast hoping for that one big bite. An often encountered problem fishing the frog is the chance of your legs getting pulled off by a fish. Typically when a small fish nips at the frog and just gets the legs, we an anglers in our excitement may set the hook not knowing the fish only has the legs and when we jack that fish, all we get is a frog flying right back at us at Mach 3 with no legs. Such was the case with this Jackall Kaera Frog.

However, replacing the legs is quick and easy IF you know how to do it. All you need is:

  • A thicker piece of mono or flouro line¬† (20lb+)
  • Some silicone or rubber skirting material

Start by taking the line and tying a simple overhand loop. This will act as somewhat of a needle threader so to speak. Pinching the frog to align the holes makes this process very simple and easy to thread the line through.

Using a roughly 12″-16″ piece of the line with the overhand loop, thread the end without the loop through the holes in the frog where the legs come out from the body.

Once the line is threaded through, take your skirting material (either silicone or rubber) and using 10-20 strands depending on the frog, tie the all of them into a tight knot where the knot is directly in the middle of the set of strands. This knot will keep the legs from falling out, once installed.

Using the overhand loop, thread the now made legs through the loop, pulling the tag end of the loop tight to the leg hole. Pulling gently, but firmly, pull the tag end until the the legs come through the leg hole and out the side from which the tag end is being pulled. Once the legs are through, simply remove the section of line with the overhand loop from the leg material, and make sure all your strands are in place.

Finally, take a pair of scissors and trim the legs to your preference. It really is that simple.

No longer does one need to toss one of their favorite frogs to the wayside, follow these simple steps and you can save your hard earned cash!


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