The Reservoir Rainshell Jacket from Buck N’ Bass is the company’s flagship jacket, and to say that Buck N’ Bass did their homework on this one would be an understatement. After extensive research and development with numerous professional anglers on what bass anglers need in a rain jacket, and what the competition was lacking, Buck N’ Bass created THE jacket us anglers have always wanted. Incorporating individual technologies specific to our needs as anglers, this jacket was tailor made for us. 

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In bass fishing it is widely known that weather fronts can produce big bites. A cold front, warm front, precipitation, low pressure or high pressure front; they all have the potential to encourage a big bass to bite. One issue in bass angling with fishing the conditions has always been battling the elements. Unlike conventional sports, bass fishing doesn’t stop for rain, bass fishing doesn’t postpone an event because of the bitter cold. You simply have to fish the elements and being comfortable and focused can be difficult when your gear cannot keep up with your demands. 

Some might often dread spring and fall events due to weather unpredictability because the two worst things you can come up against as an angler, weather-wise, is being wet and being cold; put the two together and you have a miserable day on your hands. It’s always tough to make the choice of whether to chase the bite and be cold, wet, and miserable, or, stay home, all nice and warm bundled up on the couch. Many times, the latter wins out and the prospect of what could have been caught will haunt anglers persistently. 

The issue has always been, how long is this gear going to keep me dry? A few hours? Half a day? Do I really want to endure an 8 hour day on the water being wet? Am I going to perform my best when I’m outside of my ideal fishing condition comfortability?  These are the questions that run through every anglers mind, though some may argue that you just need to “toughen up” but if you had the choice to be dry and comfortable or cold and sopping like a wet sponge, any person in their right mind would choose the former. 

What is the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell Jacket?

With so many huge industry names making rain gear, finding room to break into the industry can seem a daunting task to say the least, but if you have a quality product that the company stands behind, it can be a refreshing breath of air to the angler who expects more out of their gear. If you expect nothing but perfection and performance out of your gear, and are in the market for a new rain jacket, look no further than the Reservoir Rain Shell Jacket from Buck N’ Bass. 

We had the privilege of testing out the brand new jacket and were impressed to say the least. Their motto of “Built for Bass” rings true from the moment you slip into the jacket.  The jacket wears comfortably, and is chock full of innovative technologies designed around the bass angler, including: 

  • Dryloc Cuff ™
  • Casting Comfort System™
  • Full Throttle Hood™
  • TIZIP® Masterseal
  • Iron Clad Dry Guarantee™

Let’s go a little more in depth with each of these Buck N’ Bass patent pending technologies. 

Dryloc Cuff

The Dryloc cuff consists of an innovative and integrated double cuff system. Utilizing extra tough neoprene and Velcro cinching system, the double cuff prevents water from dripping down your sleeve under the most intense conditions. The inner neoprene cuff allows for comfort around the wrist while still maintaining its ability to prevent water migration while the outer cuff also cinches to prevent water from getting up your sleeve and from getting in the way of fishing like other loose cuffs may do. After fishing a full day utilizing the Dryloc Cuff, it was evident that the system was well thought out and with the angler in the forefront of the mind of the designers. Performance and comfortability, are what the angler needs in a cuff, and Buck N’ Bass produced with this one. Additionally and equally appealing was how refreshing it was to reach into the livewell after a day of sore-mouthing some largemouth and not worrying about wet sleeves trying to pull the feisty fish out. 

Casting Comfort System

When looking into raingear, we as anglers often ask about breathability because who wants to spend 8 hours + wearing a stuffy trash bag? Nobody. One concern we had in the Reservoir Rainshell Jacket was the extremely high water column rating of 49,000. With an increase in waterproofness, we have had to sacrifice breathability in the past, however, with the Casting Comfort System, this is no longer an issue. By utilizing a system of vents and channels, the jacket assists in regulating your temperature while also employing a four-way stretch system for superior comfort while fishing. The jacket at no point felt stuffy, or restrictive in any way during testing. Whether power fishing a jerkbait or slow rolling an umbrella rig, the jacket fished comfortably and moved well with the various motions we as anglers perform while casting, cranking, hooksetting, fighting the fish and landing said fish. 

Full Throttle Hood

Another often overlooked part of bass fishing is the time we spend behind the wheel. We are constantly running and gunning from waypoint to waypoint, or making long runs to secret honey holes and when its tournament time, every moment counts. The Full Throttle Hood eliminates hood flopping issues that have plagued other, inferior, jackets. Simply raise your hood (no cap removal required), cinch down the hood, and go on your merry way, even if it’s at 75mph+ down the lake. In the past, one would have to remove their hat, cinch down their hood, and either pack away the hat in a compartment in rough conditions or hold it with a foot. As with most anglers, we have lost our share of hats, and though not critical to have, it sure makes for a more comfortable day being able to fish with it. With the Full Throttle Hood, the hood did not move, our cap stayed in place, and the time saved utilizing the simple and effective cinch system on the hood made wearing and removing it a breeze. The design of the Full Throttle Hood was well thought out in that it does not flop and stays tight on the head while driving, but being the innovators that they are over at Buck N’ Bass, the uppermost portion of the neck area zips up to act as a face shield as well, leaving only the important part of your face exposed; your eyes. Long runs on cold days are nothing to fear anymore.  

TIZIP Masterseal

Any outdoorsman that has utilized a zip up dry bag of some kind has likely come across TIZIP. These are the number one name in the game of waterproof seals. Used in such products as dry bags, watersports clothing, tents, and other outdoor gear. Utilizing a durable, polyurethane coated tape and plastic teeth, the Masterseal is made for one primary purpose, to keep water out. The seal of the zipper is so tough, that NASA uses the same line of zippers in their spacesuits, now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this zipper is going to meet all your performance needs. 

Ironclad Dry Guarantee

The last and most notable bit of technology incorporated into the Reservoir Rain Shell Jacket is what Buck N’ Bass calls their Iron Shell Dry. This new material developed and exclusive to Buck N’ Bass, is 6 times more waterproof than the competition, and the jacket features an ergonomically friendly design with minimal seams, meaning a comfortable fit and minimal possible points of failure. To doubly ensure that no weak points fail in the jacket, taped seams are utilized; giving you the peace of mind of a jacket that won’t leak at the seams. Besides engineered controls to best mitigate possible failures, the Iron Shell Dry material has a water column rating of over 49,000. You may be asking, what does this water column rating even mean?  Let’s do a little science, shall we? For water column tests, a tube of 1in in diameter is placed over a portion of the material being tested. The tube is then filled with water until leakage is observed in the material. The amount of water in the tube at the time of the leakage is the materials water column rating or its waterproofness. The higher the number, the more waterproof the material. To put into perspective, imagine this tube of water and continuing to fill it until the material leaked. For the Iron Shell Dry, the tube would be over 160ft tall and the pressure at the bottom (where the material lies) would be nearly 70 PSI. A water column rating of over 40,000 is indicative of a material that would structurally fail before water leaked through, meaning that you can be sure that this jacket will keep you dry. Buck N’ Bass is so confident in their product that they stand behind it 100% with the best warranty on the market. If there is any issue with this product not performing to the satisfaction of the angler, you can return for repair, replacement or refund and know that the folks over at Buck N’ Bass are going to get you taken care of. 

What We Like About It

All of the technology is great; however, a black trash bag can keep you dry; it is the fit of the jacket that really is the cherry on top of this product. As aforementioned, the jacket has been ergonomically designed with minimal seams and built around us as anglers. How we stand, cast, bend, it is all incorporated into the jacket where at no time you feel impeded in any way. This is vital in bass fishing where you may find yourself in some wild positions and situations and if a loose sleeve gets caught on your rod and keeps you from getting a good hookset, it can be the difference in cashing a check or going home with your tail tucked between your legs. Utilizing Buck N’ Bass’ unique size and fit guide, we were able to get a jacket that almost seemed tailor made for us. The sleeve length, chest, and torso portions of the jacket fit perfectly. It’s not often that one can honestly say that a rain jacket fits as well as a t-shirt, but this jacket simply is that comfortable. No loose portions, no bulk, just a snug, cozy fit providing all day comfort. 

Suggested Improvements

As with all products, nothing can be perfect. Although we were supremely satisfied with everything about the jacket from the various incorporated technologies to the nearly tailor-made fit, we do have some suggested improvements. One primary improvement would be the follar of the jacket. When fully zipped as you run down the lake, it is perfect but when you stop to fish, the collar crowds the face a little. During heavy rain, one would keep the jacket zipped up all the way regardless, however, if you are between rain showers and want to let down the zipper a bit, it would be nice to have some magnets incorporated to hold back the collar away from the face or some similar feature. 

Buck N’ Bass vs. The Competition

So how does Buck N’ Bass compete with the competition? When it comes to high end rain jackets for the serious angler, the Reservoir Rainshell Jacket is in a league of its own. All of the best attributes from the competition can be found without any of the ill side effects in this jacket. The fit, the zippers, the shell material, the taped seams, all of it combined makes this jacket superior to all others in a BIG way. With names like Simms, Aftco and Gill firmly established, Buck N’ Bass could be likened to David taking on a three headed Goliath. Not only did they meet this challenge head on, we don’t think it too bold to say that they have toppled the giant. 

Closing Remarks

To say that we were impressed with this jacket after extensive field testing and review would be an enormous understatement. Will and the team over at Buck N’ Bass, have absolutely done their homework and put together what is undoubtedly the best rain jacket made specifically for bass anglers, bar none. Every feature integrated in this jacket was done so for the bass angler. Though some may balk at the price-point, if you are serious about fishing and want the best gear available on the market, then look no further than the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell Jacket.  Available for purchase exclusively at

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