The Reservoir Rainshell Bib is the compliment bib to the Reservoir Rainshell Jacket that we have also reviewed. As with the jacket, Buck N’ Bass continues to prove that though the news guys on the block, they’re aiming to take over with a vengeance. With the incredible technology integrated into their jacket, it comes as no surprise that their bibs would be anything less than fantastic. Likened to Tony Starks’ Ironman suit of Hollywood, this duo of the Reservoir Rainshell bib and jacket won’t give you the ability to fly or make you a cool, rich, handsome superhero BUT it WILL keep you impervious to any elements mother nature can throw at you on the water.  

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In a light, passing drizzle, we can choose to just throw on our rain jackets until the front passes, but in the event of more serious or long lived conditions, more extreme measures must be taken to keep you dry and comfortable. Enter the Buck N’ Bass Rainshell Bib. Utilizing many industry first technologies and materials, these bibs are sure to impress. 

What is the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell Bib?

Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, milk and cereal, Netflix and chill; these are all examples of things that on their own are good but together are great. The Reservoir Rainshell Bib is the Sonny to the Reservoir Rainshell Jacket’s Cher (some younger folks may need to Google Sonny & Cher to get the reference). We had the privilege of running the bib through the ringer and after many days on the water, testing in all types of adverse conditions, we are here to report on our findings. 

First, let’s take a technical look at the bibs and get down to what sets them apart from the competition. Technologies incorporated into the bibs includes:

  • Field Pockets ™
  • Fidlock® V-Buckle
  • Iron Shell ™ Dry
  • YKK® Aquaguard® Leg Zippers

Field Pockets 


Pockets on bibs are only as good as the zipper or flap that prevents water from entering them. Most often, we put our phone, wallet, keys, or other items that we NEED dry into these pockets and so often, they fail; that is simply not the case with these bibs. Large pockets located near the hips not only utilize YKK® Aquaguard® zippers but also a liftable flap to ensure that no water enters the pockets. If you are someone who may not utilize these pockets, but knows the frustration of leaving a pocket open that fills with water and subsequently leaks, have no fear. These pockets can (though unlikely) fill with water and WILL NOT LEAK, giving you that extra assurance of staying warm and dry all day. Aside from the leg pockets, the bibs also feature chest pockets, perfect for warming up your hands during a cold morning lull or keeping any essentials close by. 

 Fidlock® V-Buckle

Never to be outdone, the bibs feature cutting edge technology not seen elsewhere in the industry, specifically in reference to the  Fidlock® V-Buckle magnetic strap buckle system. German engineered, the V-Buckle is self-securing using a magnetic system, which likely is raising some eyebrows for those reading. The kicker, is the buckle the more weight there is on the buckle, the more force is required to open it i.e. self-securing, with a rated load capacity of over 150lbs. The ease of opening and closing these buckles is incredible. So often we find ourselves in a pop-up rain shower and are rushing to hop into our bibs, and these buckles could not be more secure or easier to use. Easy on and easy off, so much so that you can do it all single handedly. Normal buckles require two hands to push the two buckle pieces together, however, this is not so with the V-Buckle system; one hand operation is a breeze. 

Iron Shell ™ Dry

The same material as the Reservoir Rainshell Jacket, Buck N’ Bass’ Iron Shell Dry is marketed at 6x more waterproof than the competition. With a water column rating of 49,000, this material is sure to keep you dry all day regardless of conditions. Taped seams, zippers at the industry technological forefront, coupled with the Ironshell Dry material make this product impervious to anything you may come across on the water.  High winds? Monsoons? Snowpocalypse? There is nothing mother nature can throw at you that Iron Shell Dry cannot stop, giving you the confidence you need to perform your best under the most adverse conditions. As with the jacket, Buck N’ Bass is so confident in their product that they stand behind it 100% with their Ironclad Dry guarantee. If either product does not perform to the promises made, simply return it for repair or refund with one of the best customer service teams in the industry. 

YKK® Aquaguard® Leg Zippers and TIZIP® Masterseal

As with the Reservoir Rainshell jacket, the main front zipper is the TIZIP® Masterseal which is world renowned for its waterproofness. Commonly found in other outdoor gear where waterproof seals are essential, this zipper cannot be outdone for its designed and intended purpose of keeping water from entering the bibs via the zipper. The leg pockets utilize the  YKK® Aquaguard® zippers providing superior water repellent properties. The same zipper is also incorporated into the pant legs of the bibs along the outer seam. This allows for ease of slipping in and out of the bib while an adjustable ankle cuff further ensures the proper leg/ankle fit. 

What We Like About It

As with the jacket, the bibs feel tailor-made for the individual. Most bibs are bulky, loose, and engulfing as seen here. 

Not, the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rainshell bib. Elastic around the waist keeps the bib snug around the angler, coupled with adjustable shoulder straps and ankle cuffs, wearing it can only be likened to slipping into a fleece lined bathrobe without the draft. Additional features we took a particular liking to are the chill chest pockets. So often we wear bibs without our outer shell jacket especially in the spring; morning temps may be in the 30s or 40s with afternoons in the 50s, and with the jacket off, the chest pockets are perfect for putting your phone inside when you catch ol’ big and want to grab a quick pic before googans spot you and try stealing your juice. 

Suggested Improvements

Overall, the bibs are really quite outstanding by our standards, and very little has been overlooked in their design and construction; that being said, if we had to make a suggested improvement, it would be to include zippers on the chest pockets. More times than not, the chest pockets are covered by the outer jacket, but if utilized to hold a phone without a jacket and the angler bends over to land a fish, stuff could fall out, though unlikely based on their design. Very minor, but added security is always nice when it comes to expensive things potentially falling in the lake. 

Buck N’ Bass vs. The Competition

How does the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rainshell Bib compare to comparable products on the market such as offerings from Simms, Aftco, or Gill? Simple answer is it’s better, period. All the aforementioned brands make a quality product without a doubt, but at this stage in the game, nobody is on the Buck N’ Bass level. The quality of the components and the Iron Shell Dry material are simply unparalleled amongst other industry giants.

In a head-to-head test, we compared the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rainshell bib to the Simms Challenger bib on the water under extreme tournament conditions. 1.5 inches of rain fell during the course of the standard 8 hour tournament day, coupled with sustained winds and 40 degree temperatures. At the end of the day, the Buck N’ Bass gear had left us totally dry; the Simms gear? Absolutely soaked all the way through over the entirety of the body. To say that this product defeats the competition would be the understatement of the century. 

Closing Remarks

After extensive on-the-water testing in nearly every condition that we can come up against as anglers, it is our professional opinion that the Buck N’ Bass Rainshell Bib is unmatched by any other competitor on the market today. What truly sets this bib apart is the Iron Shell Dry material sporting a 49,000+ water column rating, ensuring a dry and comfortable day of fishing regardless of the conditions. Additionally, the fit of the bibs is phenomenal, especially around the midline where so many other bibs are very loose, similar to a bankruptcy barrel. In closing, we highly recommend these bibs to any angler but due to the price point, they are generally tailored to the serious tournament angler; that being said, if you are a serious tournament angler or an extremely die hard fisherman, these bibs are for you. Available for purchase exclusively at

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