About Us

First Cast Reviews is the superior online resource for those that call themselves bass anglers. Whether you fish off the bank, a kayak or a boat, our goal is to provide you with the information and knowledge to maximize the results from your time spent on the water.

The site was founded by Rob Fess in 2020 but has been a dream since early 2017. The site you see currently is the first iteration with a second iteration already in the works with plans to unveil summer 2020.

At First Cast Reviews, we specialize in providing unbiased, in-depth articles on all things bass fishing. Long gone are the days of buyers regret out on the water. Our goal is to give you informed and accurate information on products before you spend your hard earned money on them.

Our Reviews

We take pride in following rigorous journalistic standards and ethics, aiming to cut through marketing hype and determine whether a product is worth your money or not.

We regularly get sent products for review which can be a bit overwhelming at times. To insure we provide you with the most accurate information, we try to test every product for at least a month prior to publishing our review.

For us, it does not matter who manufactured the equipment, and every review will discuss both strengths and weaknesses of each product including text on suggested improvements.

How are we able to operate the site?

As you will see displayed throughout the site, the growth of this site will only come through our loyal readers like you. The way you support us is by purchasing through our independent links, which earns us a commission.

If you ever find benefit through our site, we would greatly appreciate you making purchases through the links we have on our site. This shows companies that our readers value our opinions, and in consequence, giving us anglers a voice and hopefully to illicit some changes with products where we see room for improvement.

We greatly appreciate your involvement in this community.

What if something I want to see reviewed is not on your site?

Email or message us to let us know and we will look at getting it added to the site.